CazL "Gustav" at Factory Berlin

World stencil adward finalist Caz.L starts solo show and first mural

Stencils are the most famous technique for street art. Blek Le Rat, Banksy, XooooX, Jeff Aerosol….all those pioneers and famous guys use them.

There is another famous artist who uses stencils as well: Caz.L – one of Berlin´s well-known street artists.

Under the tag CAZ.L, a woman calles  Ann is discovering the streets as a playground for her art, appropriating urban architecture for her ever growing collection of playful animals and frost-free high divers.

The increasing sophistication and refinement of her stencil technique helped her reach the finals of the World Stencil Art Prize in Sydney 2014, 2016, 2017 and

The Kutz Stencil Art Awards 2016 in Bristol.

In the metal workshop Werk.Statt.44 she made her debut by producing a large scale steel sculpture of bird feathers, which have been “giving wings“ to Haus Schwarzenberg in the centre of Berlin since 2012.

In this workshop CAZ.L also has found ideal conditions to further develop her concepts. Coarse and bulky materials have replaced paper as the canvas for her filigrane stencils. Conducting alchemical experiments, she applies heat, chemicals, sand and colour to the metal, resulting in intense, large-format images.

Im summer 2017 she won a mural sketch competition in Spain and made her first big mural. See here a nice video of the making of:

CAZ.L „THE POOL“ from ANN M CAZAL on Vimeo.


At the moment Caz.L is running a solo exhibition with Street Art Berlin at Factory Berlin. You can see her incredible stencil artworks until the 29th of November.

Of course there is a limited edition street art sticker for free at the exhibition space at Factory Kitchen Berlin. You can see her exhibition from Monday until Friday from 9 to 18h.


CazL Male Chicken at Factory Berlin

CazL Male Chicken at Factory Berlin


CazL Portrait of Joaquin Cortes at Factory Berlin

CazL Portrait of Joaquin Cortes at Factory Berlin


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  1. Koops

    “Blek Le Rat, Banksy, XooooX(!!!), Jeff Aerosol“

    Is a bit like sayin:
    “the Dalai Lama, the Pope, Horst(!!!), and Gandi…

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