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Wandelism festival opens with over 70 street artists

What´s up in Berlin city? Wandelism is up!  „Wandelism“ is constructed word out of the German word „Wandel“ which means „change“ and the English word vandalism.  And that says all about what the project is about ;).

An old car reapairing shop turns into a street art hall for one week! Getting the facility building which is to be teared down, the organisers decided to use it for street art, urban art and graffiti to have a temporal change.

Change is the main slogan of this project („Spray can change“). Because everything in Berlin is changing (inhabitants, buildings, enviroment a.s.o.) the organisors want to creat a fluent transition between the old repairing shop and the upcoming apartment house which is to be build after the tear down after 24th of March 2018. A classical gentrification? Yes, says the owner of the used estate – there is nothing to hide from their side. But before they want to have some art and fun with Berlin-based artists and free entry to the public.

The official opening of the one-week-exhibition is the 17th of March at 3 p.m., the official closing is the 24th of March. „And there is no way to change it“, quotes Senor Schnu- one of the organisers.

During the one week there will be more than 70 artists (most of them Berlin-based, what we really really like!) dealing with street art, graffiti, urban art, calligraffiti, installations, whole-room-concepts and many more! The line-up of artists is nice to read:

Akte One/ Cren/ Ron Miller/ Toy Crew/ Skalmo/ Wesr/Onur/Base23/DXTR/ Vidam/Loomit/Kartoffeltierchen/Kuzb136/YAT/Nasca Uno/Parisurteil/Fino  a.s.o.

The core message of the organisers is that the participating artists are free and they are going to remain free.

Interesting – and different to former projects like that – is, that the initators of Wandelism do not plan to earn money. The entrance is free, tours are available for moderate prices. Donations are welcome. 30% of all revenues will be donated to social projects in Berlin, the organisors promise. Furthermore some of the participating artists will redecorate a children playground in Berlin-Moabit and will make workshops at kindergardens.

Street Art Berlin was there for you to bring first impressions from the making-of:

Kuzb 136 is painting a wall at Wandelism

Kuzb 136 is painting a wall at Wandelism


Vidam and Dxtr at Wandelism

Vidam and Dxtr at Wandelism


Akte One starts painting his mural at Wandelism

Akte One starts painting his mural at Wandelism


Wandelism festival, Wilhelmsaue 32, 10713 Berlin, open from 17th of March 2018  15-22h until 24th of March 14-22h

Exhibtion is open on 18th/19th/20th/21th/22th/23th of March from 12- 20 h, for private tours please book on wandelism.com

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