Urban Art Week – Same same but different – Kera in the Retramp Gallery

Little Wind Street
· Swansea, Wales 2017
· 830 square meters


For 20 years, Kera’s toolset of choice consists of colour, printing techniques, designing and painting facades, spray paint and brushes.
His artwork shows mostly geometric and abstract forms that fill large spaces and capture his surrounding in a very haptical way. Straight lines define most of his works which seem to be very well and neatly structured.
His works spread and meander around architectur and make walls and floors seem to be alive and breathing, inviting the viewer to a very unique experience of his surroundings.

The artist Christian Hinz aka “Kera” was born in Berlin in 1985 and studied graphic design. Since 2012, Kera works as a freelance artist and as a lecturer at the “Jugendkunstschule Berlin-Steglitz” (art school for young people).

The artist’s work in form of murals and “Kunst am Bau” (art on architecture) can be found worldwide: In Great Britain, Europe, Mexico and Quatar and many other places.

Fire Station
· Qatar, Doha 2017
· 80 square meters


Kera’s artworks do not only appear in the streets, but also in galleries on canvas

Woodblocks o.T. 29
· 2017
· 80x 30 x 18cm (1,44m x 5,12m)
· acrylic & varnish


Soon, on occasion and as part of the Urban Art Week 2019, the ReTramp Gallery shows works of Kera1 under the title „same same but different“.

The exhibition will thematize the thin border between reproduction, repetition and in how far one picture can be changed in the process of repetition.

Kera’s own words (source:

„No repetition is like the other“.

My work is about abstract, graphic shapes. Within the works details from the forms and graphic are repeated. Harmony, balanced surfaces and structures play a major role in the work.
Currently the subject and starting point of the contemplation is the repetition.
Within these works I am asking some questions:
What is the meaning of repetition?
How does the overall picture change through repetition?
Does repetition play a role in the shape?
Does repetition give harmony and structure?
Are repetitions the same?
Does repetition provide security?
What about positive routine?
What would happen without repetition?
How would life be without repetition?
Is there development without repetition?
This exhibition is an inventory of the current point of my working process.
My work contains and asks these questions.
The answers are for everyone to find out for themselves!

same same but different.

5th Sept., 18:00 – 15th Sept., 19:00

ReTramp, Reuterstr. 62, 12047 Berlin

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