Tiger Beer Uncaged

#Uncage global project and #Uncageberlin offer chances for artists with social projects

Tiger Beer impressed us last year with an amazing project about turning pollution into art ink. Now they continue their commitment with a new global initiative called “The Uncaged”.

Building on the brand´s rallying call to “uncage” bravery in pursuit of passion, this campain demonstrates how far the impact of creative courage can go. In various countries of the world as well as in Germany they support an elected group of artists with a good cause, so called “Uncaged Heros”.

The street artists, graffiti artists and illustrators are chosen to be supported by their local crowd and by the international audience. All artists have amazing projects which influence their local social environment in a very special way.

Tiger Beer will insprire people to look beyond familiar faces and discover those who are truly shaping the future – proof that if you have the courage to pursue your passion, you can make a positive impact on the world.

Vote for your Uncaged Hero

In May and June Tiger Beer will invite the 7 extraordinary German artists to events in Berlin and Hamburg to the „Uncaged Nights“ to battle their good cause live in front of the local audience. The events will be a perfect mix between uncaged creativity, urban music, food and drinks and street art.

For Berlin the street artists Fly1986, Skalmo, Pekor and Anastasia will bring a vibrant atmosphere to the evenings. Highlight of each night will be the creation of new artworks though fascinating “Live Art Battles”.


Skalmo, Street Artist | „Urban Artrium“
Pekor, Graffiti Artist | „Meine Stadt – Mein Kiez – Meine Wand / Neuköllner Raumeroberung“
Anastasia Loladze, Illustratorin | „KUKO“
Fly 1989, Illustrator,  Kollektiv „Wheel2Wall“ | „San Skate“

With the aim „the best ideas are developed in the streets“ Tiger Beer wants to support the artists in crowdfunding and continue their ideas and goals. Their campaigns can be seen from now on at  www.startnext.com

All „Uncaged Nights“ are with free entry:

Uncaged Nights in Berlin
31. Mai | Skalmo vs Pekor | 18:30 h | Chapel Bar | Sonntagsstr. 30
07. Juni | Fly 1989 vs Anastasia Loladze | 18:30 h | Long March Canteen | Wrangelstraße 20

The final event for Germany will be in Berlin as well. At the amazing Polygon Club the winners of the Uncaged Nights in Berlin and Hamburg will be set into an art battle.  Due to the most cheers and applause of the audience the final champion is going to be choosen. He or she is then invited to the global „Uncaged Festival“ in Seoul in September to meet the „Uncaged Heros“ from the other 12 countries.

Uncaged Finale in Berlin
26. Juni | 19:00 h | Polygon Berlin | Wiesenweg 1-4

Street Art Berlin will be partner in this amazing initiative and invites all (street) art fanciers, supporters and all Berliners to join the events! Through our social media channels we will keep you updated!

If you want to learn more about this global project just go to:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tigerbeerde/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerDE/

Homepage:  www.uncage.com

or give us a call or write us! Lets celebrate our artists and share their love and ideas!

Skalmo vs Pekor

Skalmo vs Pekor


Fly 1989 vs Anastasija

Fly 1989 vs Anastasija



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