#Uncage final event- Russlan wins and Berlin had a big party with uncaged heros

Good vibes filled the famous Polygon Club in Berlin on Tuesday the 26th of June 2018.  A breath of art and good causes vibes through the club garden….

The event started at late afternoon but the crowd growed and growed constantly to support the Tiger Beer final art battle. The audience was mixed and excited: from young to old, fresh from the offices, tourists, artists, friends, press, fashionistas, celebraties, families, hipsters, beer fanciers, students, bloggers,clubbers, fans…. all came to celebrate the final event for the #uncaged heros. The four winners from the events in Hamburg and Berlin prepared to convince the audience of about 800 fans of their projects and artworks.

The winners of the pre-events are:

Fly1989 with his skate park project for poor villages abroad:

Pekor with his hall of fame project in Berlin:

Frank Funk of the RainBroGroup with his ConnetiviTree:

Russland who wants to improve the German-Russian realtionships:

Together in one row all artists had 60 minutes to put their project into an artwork during a live painting. The artworks which they produced during the pre-events were exhibit in the club around them.

Get here some impressions of the beginning of the #uncage art battle:

Pekor preparing for the battle #uncage


Fly 1989 gets ready for the battle


Russlan starts his winner artwork


Materials to #uncage


Fly 1989 with his skate board artwork


Frank Funk activates his artwork #uncage


But Tiger Beer and it´s amazing crew did not only care about the artists and their social projects. The whole event offered a lot of creative fun for the audience as well. For example there was a station where they all can print their own t-shirts with motives of the artists, Tiger Beer or just patterns.


Crowd painting T-shirts #uncage


Be an artist

Next to the food station there was a photo booth. At least it looks like one. In reality there were no photo taken inside but a cartonist makes nice sketch cartoons of the guests. That was so funny that there always was a huge row.

Time for some funny portrait sketches #uncage


During the guests had fun, the artists gave their best to convince in the battle:

A tiger to #uncage the tiger: Fly 1989


The battle goes on: all heros painting #uncage


After 60 minutes the audience came together to „scream“ for their favourite artwork/artist/project…. The applaus was frenetic because for the winner the prize was to take part on the global final event in Seoul:

The crowd is voting the winner

Russlan win the German final and is now keen on going to Seoul in September.

Independently from the battle of the artists the #uncage party went on with good music and a lot of talk about the artworks, the proejcts and how it will go on.

Finally the good vibes were brought throught the whole event and everyone leaves with the spirit of the #uncage project!


Happy end and looking forward to Seoul to continue to #uncage

If you need more information beside this very sensitive report, please feel free to read and follow the links below:




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