The Stroke Artfair is back in Berlin – Street Art Berlin will keep you updated

The Stroke Art Fair is back in Berlin! In case you joined the Stroke last year or just read about it on our Blog, you know that there is no way for us to get around this massive art event. After the Stroke Art Fair to place at the Postbahnhof Berlin it will proceed this year between the 3.10. and the 06.10.13 at the new location called „Alte Münze“ in Berlin (where also the „Bright Trade Show“ has been the last years and a mural by Streetartist „Vhils“ is showing the chancelor Angela Merkel.)

Stroke Urban Street Art Fair Berlin


The Stroke can’t be compared to other fairs, exhibitions or shows is a place for everyone, you don’t need to be an art critic, a withdrawn connoisseur, a wannabe Boheme moron or to have studied art. Art isn’t something exclusive that is dedicated to a few people, art is something like food, sport, or music, it is there for everyone. That means that you get intouch with the art, you don’t just see artworks, you have the chance to see live paintings or having a chat with the artists on your own, you can be part of happenings there, you can experience art and by the way you get a part of it.

With the effort to reflect the fast moving international art scene in Berlin, you find a massive amount of Street Art and Graffiti, beside the „new, modern and urban art forms“ like illustrations, graphic design, comics, photographie, installation, sculptures and motion design. From the international gallerys the Berlin based gallerys like Open Walls with Alias, Blo, Various & Gould, Just, Vermibus …; Zozoville and Stolen Goods; will show of their best like the single artists and collectives, with or with out a gallery behind them will do. You can look forward to artists that are active in the Streetart and Graffiti scene like: Herakut, Claudio Ethos, Mac1, Sepe, Herr von Bias, Faith47, Roa, Peachbeach, Blo, Inti, The Weird, Arsek, Klone, Shaka, Kid Ghe, etc..

We are looking forward to an great artfair and hopefully we meet there! If you can’t come, or you want to know what is going on, we will present you a selection of photos and keep you updated.


Website of the Stroke Art Fair

 Location: Alte Münze Berlin (google.maps)

Opening Times: 3.10. / 4.10 / 5.10.2013 – 1pm untill 10pm and on the 6.10.2013 1pm untill 6pm

Tickets: Adults 10€ / Children untill the age of 16: Free / Students: on the 3.10 (Thursday) and 4.10. (Friday) 8€

Post of Street Art Berlin of the Stroke Art Fair 2012

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