The Shrineing prsnts „Little BOOK Launch“

The Shrineing prsnts „Little BOOK Launch“


Öffentlich, Gastgeber: Mörny Wörny und Alex Godwin

Samstag, 27. April 2019 von 20:00 bis 23:00



Strassmanstr. 29, 10249 Berlin


Mernywernz focusing on good moods, adventures and collaborative art.

The Shrineing presents „The Spring Collection“ 8 Art Books by a selection of Berlin based artists and some more special guests.

The next chapter of The Shrineing journey brings us to Bikeopia in Berlin with a collection of books we have commissioned from artists, whose work we really enjoy and fit the ethos of the Shrineing project. All the contributors are united through crossing paths with The Shrineing in some way during the journey of life.

This will be the first chance to see these new, fresh and exciting little books by the following artists. . .

Come and enjoy the good times with us! More info coming soon…

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