The "Pink Man" Mural in Berlin by Street Artist BLU

"Pink Man" Mural by Street Artist BLU in Berlin Kreuzberg

This great Mural by Italian Street Artist BLU was painted in the year 2007 and can be found at the western end of the Oberbaum Bridge in Kreuzberg right next to BLUs other artworks likeHandcuffs“ „East and West and the „Global Warming“. That pink monster made from many small little humans is one of the most famous Street Art works in Berlin and Germany. Of course it wouldn’t be an artwork by BLU when not having a deeper meaning behind it.

"Pink Man" Mural by Street Artist BLU in Berlin Kreuzberg

The big creature with its dead eyes and wide open mouth is made out of a lot of smaller naked humans, who are looking painful, scared and trying to hold each other together. Without noticing it, all that scared humans, are composing a monster, way bigger than any of that humans could ever be. On the hand of that monster that makes it way in the direction of its mouth is the only person that is an individual and painted white. That individual is getting eaten up by that big monster.  So the mural could be showing an fascistic system like the nazi system which is scarring the people untill all of them are working together and killing the individual.

"Pink Man" Mural by Street Artist BLU in Berlin Kreuzberg


"Pink Man" Mural by Street Artist BLU in Berlin Kreuzberg


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  1. Lahjouji zineb

    Hello, I’m engineering student from France and I have a work to do about the German memory and the street art in berlin, and I would like to know if you mind if I take some of your photos for it. Can you please answer in the few next days?
    Thank you 🙂

    • david

      of course you are allowed to use our photos for uncomerical purposes. Just make sure that you let us know which photos you will use and name us as the owner of the photos.


  2. Jacqui

    Hi David, I am doing research on this piece and I was wondering how to came to the conclusion that Blu representing the Nazi regime? Was this information given to you by anyone or was it an assumption?


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