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The new Berlin Street Art Video "Berlin spricht Wände" by East Cross Projects

After the movie release party of the Berlin Street Art documentary „Berlin spricht Wände“ by East Cross Projects was such a big success, the video can be found online now. The film „Berlin Spricht Wände“ is a compilation by the various, already published „Berlin SprichtStreet Art / Rap Videos (Berlin Spricht, Berlin Spricht für sich, Berlin Spricht Wände) mixed up with bonus material containing different life actions from Graffiti Writing, Stenciling, Pasting over Ad-Busts, One Liners (even with bandaged eyes!!!) and a lot of funny actions, which are giving the viewer a look behind the scenes. A number of Berlins most interesting Street Artists and Graffiti Writers like:

Phos4 at Sketch Circle (SOS, GFA, RTZ -Crew), Some (SOS),  Feliks Stift, B52 Crew, Mein lieber Prost, Bosso Fataka, Dissizit, 4rtists (aka. Mr. 6), Plotbot KEN, Enorm, QL – Quallity Lover, Sore, Alir Pois, Jay One, Alias, Somad, Owys, Error, Pois, Etar, Alaniz, Alesh, l.e.t,

Artworks by BLU, MTO, Emess, Bronco, El Bocho, Sp38, Inti, Czarnobyl, 1UP, Plus Minus Null (+-0), Vidan, Sky Walkers (SW), JBAK, Life, Owys, Error, Pois, Etar, Alaniz Alesh, l.e.t etc.

and shots from the Urban Art Clash, Tacheles, Art Base and the Stroke Urban Art Fair, are making this movie a „must see“ for all Street Art Fans.



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