The Haus – Berlin Art Bang hits the City West

What is going on in the City West of Berlin at the moment?

The Haus – Berlin Art Bang is going on. Opening from 1st of April – you really need to see that amazing project place because THE HAUS will be created to be destroyed. The uniqueness of this project isn’t in the simple fact of it’s existing, but the limitation.

In contrast to the other street art hot spots in Berlin it is – and this is a really nice advantage of The Haus- in Berlin-City West direct at the Kurfürstendamm (Kudamm). The exact address is Nürnberger Str. 68/69.

Tapeartist at The Haus

Tapeartist at The Haus

About 179 artists from 17 countries designed rooms and floors in the former bank building which is to be destroyed on August 2017 and – that is the sad truth of the project and Berlin in whole – build up with new cooperative appartments.

But until this happens you can see a lot national and international high class street artists and urban artists there experimenting or showing their work. Every artist or crew gets one room that will then experience a metamorphosis. A choise of artists to see are 1UP, El Bocho, Klebebande, Emess, Honsar, HRVB + Vidam + Dxtr from The Weird, One Truth, Herakut, Telmomiel, Base23…..

The artists bring the streets into the old bank, build sculptures, orchestrate video installations, create virtual realities, place projections or use photography or illustrations to express themselves and their ideas.

In the time between the finalization of THE HAUS and the demolition of the building, it will be a temporary art gallery open for everybody and an event space.

Emess painting at The Haus

Emess painting at The Haus


One Truth creating their room concept at The Haus

One Truth creating their room concept at The Haus


THE HAUS is a project initiated by Die Dixons, a Berlin based street art crew which characterize itself as „The gang is going to gather a collective of freethinkers, acting as the building’s final enemy, to spread one statement: It doesn’t matter who you are, what your name is or what you do, make time to create things on your own and use time to really experience created things before it’s too late“.


Backside of The Haus

Backside of The Haus

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