Tape Art Convention 2018

The Tape Art Convention is the biggest international tape exhibition,
bringing together renowned tape artists from all over the world.
The tape art movement has gained traction in the recent years, with
more and more artists thinking of new and exciting ways to use this
medium. While tape has always been used in art as a helping tool,
tape art celebrates it as the primary medium. The goal of this year’s
convention is to display the leading talents of this artform and the
astonishing variety of how tape can be used as an artistic medium.
Berlin has played a central role in the emergence of tape art, as it
was the fi rst place to gather the critical mass to develop its own
tape art “scene”. Here, tape art was heavily infl uenced by street art,
urban art and graffi ti. However, tape art has developed independent-
ly in different places around the world, with a variety of other infl uen-
ces such as performance art, interior design, graphic design, pain-
ting and concept art. Mainly through the internet and social media
the wish to connect and to exchange ideas evolved, culminating in
the fi rst Tape Art Convention in October 2016. This year’s conventi-
on continues in the same spirit, with even more talent, artworks and
workshops than the previous edition.
While some artists featured at the convention embrace the natural
limitations of the medium and create abstract large-scale works,
some use its fl exibility and ease of use to create highly complex and
intricate artworks and combine tape with other materials such as
resin, wood, metal or paint. While the variety of approaches in this
exhibition can be found in the techniques as well as topics and con-
tents covered, all artworks share the use of tape as a medium. This,
however, is always a means rather than an end in itself: Tape is the
medium to create art, rather than the artwork itself.
The Tape Art Convention was initiated and organized by the Berlin
based collective Tape That, who are active participants in Berlin’s
tape art scene since 2011. The Tape Art Convention is supported
by Neurotitan gallery and everyone’s favorite tape supplier in Berlin:

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