Streetart Video: Mural by Fintan Magee

Street Art Video: Fintan Magee Mural

How is a Street Art Mural painted on a 13 storey high building? This Street Art Video, showing the Australian artist Fintan Magee painting his Mural „Cycle of Life“ that is produced by Arte Creative, is giving the answer.

Making of the Mural „Cycle of life“ by Fintan Magee

To paint the mural „Cycle of life“ Fintan Magee used chalk to divide the whole wall into squares. He did the same with his sketch that he painted before. With a picture of this sketch on his smart phone he had a little help to copy the artwork square by square so the sketch became a mural.
Neheimer Str. 2 in Berlin Reinickendorf.


Fintan Magees Website

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