Street Artist MTO has left Berlin: An Interview about his fairwell and the NILREB / BERLIN Video

The french Street Artist MTO left Berlin.

In just 7 years the French Street Artist MTO, known for his greyscaled photorealistic works of art, mostly portraits, which stand out from the masses because of their high quallity, has become a respected artist in the Graffiti and Streetart scene. If you think of places like Oranienstr. in Kreuzberg where you can find the Boom Blaster, Angelina Jolie, Jack Nicholson, Albert Einstein and the floor in „Jenseits Bar“ right next to one another, you suddenly realise the impact that his creativity has had on the face of the city of Berlin.

Last work by Street Artist MTO in Berlin for his NILREB BERLIN video at Yaam

The last time we saw MTO was on the 11.10.2013, when he was painting a new work of art during the „Street Art Meeting“ which took place at „Yaam Berlin„. At the time, we, like most other people, had no idea that his decision to leave the city had already been made.

Last work by Street Artist MTO in Berlin for his NILREB BERLIN video at Yaam

MTO says „Ciao Berlin“!

But his work became more relevant than it was visible on first view, after MTO published the „NILREB / BERLIN“ video on the 24.10.2013 on his Vimeo, Flickr and Facebook accounts. „NILREB / BERLIN“ is a great misic video, it features the „One Day / Reckoning Song“ by Asaf Avidan, which was remixed by DJ Wankelmut and shot in October 2013 in Berlin as well as artworks from MTO). In the NILREB video you won’t just see his artworks, you’ll also see him painting his last work at Yaam. In the video MTO, makes it clear that he has already left Berlin, amongst other scenes that are showing that he left, he writes: „Ciao Berlin.“

BERLIN / NILREB from MTO on Vimeo.

Interview with Street Artist MTO about his farewell.

A lot of people instanty asked if it was true that he left, why he left, he would come back and so on, so we asked MTO for a short interview, and we got the chance. Here is a little recap:

Why did youleft Berlin?

I turned my back to the capital for various reasons. Apart from personal reasons, some of the main reasons are: the long and hard winters, the fast and aggressive getrification, too much hipsters, more Street artists than art in the streets (and there is a lot of art in the streets of Berlin!)

Where are you going to? Is it France?

First I will travel a bit, I haven’t decided where to stay. Maybe I will stay in France for a while, but i don’t know it yet.

Will you come back to Berlin?

„Never say Never“

Will you still do Street Art?

Yes, i will. The aren’t any reasons to stop yet.

When you look back to the time in Berlin, have you got any favourit memories? Will you miss anything or somebody?

My favourit memories are the years 2006, my first year as a Berliner, and the year 2008, the year where I started doing Graffiti.

I’ll defenetly miss Kreuzberg,
– the cheap beers, food and rents.
– the sushi place at Adalbertstr.
– looking at the most famous Berliner Frisbee players in Görlitzer Park.
– the „Jenseits Bar“ when Clement de Wroblewsky was the owner.
– the Jazz Jam Session at Edelweiss Bar
– the „Soul Explosion Parties“ at Festsaal Kreuzberg (but only when it was there, the ones at Volkspark Friedrichshain and the new one at the Ex-Postbank are real shit )
– the Sunday DIY market near Treptower Park…

… just to name a few… and of course, my friends.

„Berlin was a big step and a part of me will always miss it, but the perfect city doesn’t exist anyway and after 7 years living here, I think it’s time for me to move on to another step. And even if I don’t live there anymore, I might come back sometimes as a tourist.“ – MTO

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