Street Artist Falkland creates an artwork in a factory hall

First there was a short and very formal e-mail that arrived on our account: „Dear Street Art Berlin-team, I asked myself if you can bring some colour around our sad and grey working space…..Maybe some streetart…“

Of course we can. Only few weeks later the Berlin based and international known street artist Falkland was standing in front of an eletric control cabinet in a huge grey hall and started to paint.

Falkland is a Berlin based artist, street artist and illustrator who is specialised in murals and commissions. Beside this he is also engaged in serveral non-profit projects e.g. in Africa. He has been doing projects for schools in Cameroon or gave workshops for children in Benin and painted ruines in Sri Lanka.

The art of Falkland is known for it´s strong contrasts and the use of patterns from all cultures and countries.

The commission he did for the contruction hall in Berlin is a typical artwork of him.

It is a combination of  ancient amazon faces with modern patterns in a conceptional way. The artwork´s aim is to show the gender equality. Beacause of the client is international, Falkland choses patterns from all over the world for the bakground.

The artwork is very colourful because the factory hall too grey before. But Falkland also combined the current CI colours of the client (red and blue) to let the art totally fit into the whole company building and to link it to the other spaces like the offices there.

The client now has maybe the most individual and most valuable switch cabinet in the world!








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