Street Artist: Blu: The Mural Legend in Berlin – photos and report by Street Art BLN

Street Artist BLU in Berlin

When you walk through the streets of Berlin – Kreuzberg you will be stunned by the works of Italy based Street Artist „BLU“. His works will definitely strike your eyes, when you see them the first time, and when you will deal with them for a moment, they’ll blow your mind. The big scaled works Blu has left in Berlin seem to be as strong and affecting as the history of Berlin. The Street Art works by Blu are dealing with the history and are quarreling with disturbing chapters of humanity without making the people feel scared.

Passing the Oberbaumbrücke, on the left side, from Warschauer Str. located in the district Friedrichshain, former East-Berlin, to Schlesischestr. located in the district Kreuzberg, former West-Berlin, you are passing one of twelve former border checkpoints. If you take a look over the bridge you can see the first two murals by street artist Blu right next to each other. For the understanding of his art it is important to be aware of the history of the place you are standing. The first work: showing a man who is adjusting his tie and wears two golden Rolex watches which are connected with an golden chain, just like a handcuff.

Street Artist BLU in Berlin

The first Stop-Motion-Video by Blu, that he had ever done:

The second picture right next to the first one is showing two masked figures which are trying to de-mask each other with one hand. With the other hand they are showing letters formed with there fingers. One of them formed as an „W“ for „West“ and the other one formed as an „E“ for „East“.

Street Artist BLU in Berlin

Passing by the bridge the alert eye will also find a work by Alice Pasquini and the well known yellow fists by Graffiti Writer Kripoe (CBS). Passing the bridge you will come near his next work.

The next artwork by Blu, directly to your left side, right next to the street will stun you. On first view you will see a big pink-colored man-like creature, formed out of a big bunch other man-like creatures. When you look more exactly you will realize that the big creature has big white and dead-like eyes, which seem to be cold and merciless. His mouth open wide. The small creatures which are seeming to be scared and in pain forming a hand and holding up one single small man, which looks different to all of his fellow, he is white. The individual is getting eaten by the big pink monster.

To your right sight you“ll find mural number 4. It is a hourglass, but there is no sand in it. In the upper part you see a big iceberg which is slowly melting. The melted water is leaking down and where it starts dripping in to the bottom part of the hourglass which contains a small city which is going under through the rising sea level.

Video of Blu and JR creating the East West Mural:


Blu is also known for his overwhelming stop motion videos:


BLUs Website

BLUs Youtube Channel

Wikipedia about Street Artist BLU



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  2. Blu artist

    Amazing, i like his work !

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  7. Sam Ballard

    Can Art really save The World? #Artivist #UrbanArt #StreetArt #Graffiti, regardless of the name, it speaks louder than volumes of Laws and all the papers ever written on #Peace for Mother Earth and all her Inhabitants.

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  10. Hosting

    Since his major pieces, outside of his videos, have been immovable murals, the survey below of Blu’s work is geographical rather than chronological.

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