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Street Art by Various and Gould in Berlin

The Berlin based street art duo Various and Gould is working together since the year 2005. From then on their works became a permanent feature in the local street art scene. Both of them have studied in fine arts and graduated their study at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee (Berlin University of Fine Arts). Various and Goulds works are usually made of paper in terms of paste ups as screen prints or installations in the streets of Berlin. We put a selection of their latest works together, so you can get an idea of Various and Goulds latest street art works.

„Sankt Nimmerlein“ – The modern Saints

The „Sankt Nimmerlain“ project is a poster series with ten modern saints that are based on the „Fourteen Holy Helpers“. These holy helpers have been asked for help by believers in the second and 3rd century a.c.. As an example: Saint Vitus was their for problems with insanity, Saint Eustachius was the helper for bereavements. These saints are buried in oblivion and most of the problems changed since that time. Various and Gould asked them self what kind of saints the people would need to day and created the moderns saints for ten social problems / issues of the modern age. Here we have three examples:

Santa Abuso is the Saint of the abused. Some of his attributes are a man with obliterated face, a white flower and a candle.

Santa Abuso of the Sant Nimmerlein series by Berlin based Street Art team Various and Gould

Santa Redundus is the saint for the work and homeless. Some of his attributes are: a full beard, dirty closes and a plastic bag with deposit bottles.

Sanat Redundus of the Sant Nimmerlein series by Berlin based Street Art team Various and Gould

Sanat Tortura is the saint for the torture victims. Some of his attributes are: Tattoos, injuries, chains and his naked appearance.

Sanat Tutura of the Sant Nimmerlein series by Berlin based Street Art team Various and Gould


Because of a building lot in Berlin-Friedrichhain, a small bridge made of stone became protected through a wooden cladding. This wooden cladding looked like a animal with reduced shapes to Various and Gould. The only part that was missing on that sculpture was the head. So they builded that head and installed it together with Street Art friends „Bronco“ and „Studio Nura“.

The Trojan Horse is an Installation in Berlin by Street Art Duo Various and Gould with Bronco and Studio Nura


The last Street Art project by Various and Gould we want to introduce to you is definitely our favourite installation in Berlin so far. It is a puppet called „Heinrich“. But to find out more about „Heinrich“ check that Link of Various and Goulds Homepage and you will understand what makes him so special. The photos in our post are exceptionally not our own photo, Lucky Cat has given us the permission to use her photos.

Puppet "Heinrich" by Street Art Duo Various and Gould in Berlin.


Puppet "Heinrich" by Street Art Duo Various and Gould in Berlin.


Various & Goulds Website

Various & Gould on Facebook

Lucky Cats Flickr Photostream

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