Sam Crew

Street Art Berlin presents the solo exhibition of SAM CREW

Street Art Berlin is proud to present the exhibition „FREE SOLO“ of the Berlin based artist Sam Crew.

For the next three month you can see his amazing artworks at Factory Berlin, which is our partner in exhibitions.

But before we show you some impressions of the vernissage that runs yesterday, we will give you some hints about Sam´s idea behind the title and the artist himself and how to get one of the rare art pieces:

„Free Solo“ – about the exhibition

The title „Free Solo“  includes three main themes which are important for SAM as an artist.

„Free Solo“ indicates that it is a pleasure to him to be free. Yes, it is. But the advantage of  feeling free – especially as an artist –on the one side,  has always the risk to fall on the other side.

For SAM it is  always like a walk on a thin line between the selfconfidence of freedom and the risk of getting poor. This is one of the choises he needs  to do every day – but at the moment the obsession for painting dominates the fear.

SAM´s second point in „Free Solo“ is to ask himself to  whom he is painting to. Of course it would be easy to paint what the people want to see and buy. So it would be easy to earn money. But this is not his way of being an artist. If he would do that, he is convinced that the artworks would keep on losing their souls. If he would paint what´s in the mind of the clients,  his  art would only be a commission and not – as he prefers it – the expression of himself and his thoughts

The third point of „Free Solo“ is hiss elf-conception as a street artist. All his roots are on the streets: As a graffiti writer when he was young and now as an adult who wants to share his art with the cities, the streets and the people. When he is outside he feels free in a away which is not compareable to anything else.

So the message of „Free Solo“ is: Be yourself, listen to your heart and thoughts and just be!

Beauty, selfconfidence and satisfactions is not done by a „MORE“ – it is done by a „LESS“.


SAM CREW – about the artist

In 2005 Sam moved to Berlin and quickly found his place in the urban art scene. His work is a fantastic mirror of the overdressed world around him, with hidden messages of the strange habits of society.

All of Sam’s works will be on exhibit for the next three months at Factory Kitchen.


Street Art Berlin – about the curator and how to buy an artwork

Street Art Berin is a network for urban art, a platform  for street art and partner for reports, photos, commissions, projects, creative constulting, exhibitions…and more.

Street Art Berlin proudly presents a choise of local, national and international street artists and their amazing artworks @Factory

Of course all artpieces are FOR SALE.

Are you interested in one of the current show or you can not forget a piece of the previous one?

Just let us know and we will take care of handling, certificate, shipping and insurances until the art is at its new home.

for SALES and all other INQUIRIES:  hello (at)



„Free Solo“ exhibition of Sam Crew

Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Str. 76, 10115 Berlin

Vernissage 05.12.2016

to see until 26th of February 2017











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