Various & Gould

Stars and bricks campain by Various & Gould

In what kind of world do we want to live? Concerning the actual development in politics the street art couple Various & Gould started their new campain at Berlin Alexanderplatz.

Their clear statement about #starsandbricks is as follows:

„We would like to draw attention to „Stars and Bricks“ – a reinterpretation of the American flag.

In times of „fake news“ and „alternative facts“, the public space appears as the ideal medium to artistically comment on populism. The 2 x 4 m painted poster is an immediate response to the current policy of the new US president Donald Trump and a critical commentary on the planned wall on the Mexican border.

While transforming the stripes of the American flag into a brick wall with only minor interventions, we visually and pointedly respond to the tightening of the US border- and entry policy. It is important to emphasize that Various & Gould’s intervention is in no way meant to be anti-American. It is rather motivated by the concern for future America, following the very striking and almost prophetic quotation of the American Joseph Fort Newton (1876-1950): „Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.“

Here are some impressions of the street art:

VariousGould_StarsandBricks_Berlin_2017_courtesyofStudioVG VariousGould_StarsandBricks_Berlin_2017_courtesyofStudioVG- VariousGould_StarsandBricks_Berlin_2017_courtesyofStudioVG_


Various & Gould are some of the most impressive street artists in Berlin. Here you find more articles about them:

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  1. northierthanthou

    Unfortunately, I think that wall these guys are responding to has more to do with re-enforcing the boundaries within America than anything else. On that score, Trump’s wall is is already a resounding success. …dammit anyhow!

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