Solar Art Festival 2018

2 Termine · 28. Jul – 29. Jul


KAOS Berlin
Wilhelminenhofstraße 92, 12459 Berlin
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Art Solar is a collaboration between socially impactful organisations to create a community centred event at KAOS, Berlin. The goal is empowering stakeholders with practical tools and information to adopt more sustainable practices and higher degree of mindfulness. This festival hopes to bring business, government, citizens, refugees, children, women and families together and showcase that transforming everyday activities into positive social change is possible.

This is a benefit festival that will help support Little Sun Foundation provice clean, reliable and sustainable light to school children and teachers living off the energy grid in Rwanda!

*N.B. All participants are socially responsible, environmentally conscious and/or impact-driven businesses/NGOs.

Festival collaborators:

The Solar Panel Art Series
The Solar Panel Art Series is an international initiative seeking to promote art as a tool for change. In doing so we hope to help foster a more sustainable and conscious global community.

By providing used solar panels to artists to transform into artworks, the art series helps raise funds to support Little Sun Foundation’s „Solar Kids School Program” to supply clear, safe and sustainable light to school children and their teachers in Rwanda. Through its sales The Solar Panel Art Series has already raised funds to supply +100 children and their teachers with 5 years of clean and reliable light, impacting hundreds more in their communities. The initiative hopes to grow that impact to the thousands.

Little Sun
Little Sun puts the power of the sun in the palm of your hand – creating safe, convenient, sustainable light and energy that you can take with you wherever you go. Artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen launched the global project to bring clean, reliable and affordable light to the 1,1 billion people living without electricity. The project’s solar products are sold all over the world. Purchasing Little Suns in areas of the world with electricity makes the products available in off-grid areas at reduced, locally affordable prices, where they provide a clean alternative to toxic and expensive fuel-based lighting and a steadfast and clean alternative to relying on the electrical grid.

Globally Little Sun inspires people to take action. Through the power of creativity and art, the global project provides a way to make sustainable energy tangible and raises awareness for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Street Art Berlin
Street Art Berlin first started to de-commercialise the documentation of the Berlin street art scene. And have been since sharing great photos, proofed authentic information about the street art and street artists, interviews and reports on their blog and the social media channels. The first aim was and is to support the street art and the street artists. So they started to leverage their large international network to create local, national and international projects, murals, commissions and artists exchanges – all in cooperation and total agreement of the street artists who are and should be involved. They have collaborated as an official artist curator partner with The Solar Panel Art Series to bring the message of sustainability, social responsibility and engagement from their vast network of artists to the project. In doing so have helped showcase the power of art and its use as a tool to impact positive change.

KAOS Berlin
This beautiful venue, is a co-working space creating a community focusing on art, product and media design. Leveraging these qualities, they hope to better the community and leave theri own positive footprint behind.

Plan A
The first knowledge and donation platform solely dedicated to climate change. Their mission is to create a resilient and just future for our planet and all its inhabitants through storytelling, fundraising and engagement.

The Beam
The Beam is a tri-annual printed publication covering the energy transition and the race to a zero carbon economy. It’s the biggest question of our time: Can we win this race by switching to renewable energy, changing transportation, re-imagining cities, divesting from the fossil fuel past and investing into a sustainable future?

Lekker Collective
Lekker Collective is a Sydney born, Berlin based venture created to provide affordable and accessible digital public relations and management services for emerging musicians. They will be curating the live musical performances for both days.

Solar Soundsystem
Solar Soundsystem is an off-grid, pre-amplified and mobile sound system. They stand for responsible energy use and have partnered to provide an interactive and mind opening sound experience!

At mimycri, refugees and locals work together in Berlin: the international team makes high-quality bags from broken dinghies, which are left lying on Greek beaches after the crossing from Turkey. The non-profit association creates jobs and focuses on the „with“ and not the „for“: as a counterpoint to the currently increasingly critical perception of migration and integration, mimycri emphasizes common ground. Through creating a product out of historical material, mimycri stimulates discussions and interaction. mimycri helps to gain new perspectives: refugees become friends and colleagues, plastic waste is turned into a high-quality product, and buyers get to be ambassadors. Through its consistently pursued sustainability focus – socially, ecologically, economically – mimycri exemplifies how an inclusive future could look like.

Exhibiting Artists
AKTEone / Alessandro Burato / Alina Mann / Annina Roescheisen / Carolina Amaya/ CAZ.L / CHOI JIN-YONU / Christian Korda / CREN / Dave the Chimp / Edward Granger/ Felipe Pantone / Felix Hülpman / Henok Getachew / Ian Shevack / Isabelle Tellié / Jung-tae Lee/ Katrin Fridriks / Kera / Malte Kebbel / Moneyless / Okuda San Miguel / P-toons / Rabea Senftenberg / Rosh333 / Tape Over / Ron Miller / Screpnek Studios / Skalmo / The Krank / Victor Landetta / Vincent Edmond Louis / XOOOOX / Ya-wen Fu/ Yangkura / Yoo-Li.

Workshops & Talks
Plastic free lifestyle // Upcycling of clothes and materials // Kitchen hacks using waste // How to reduce your household waste // How to buy groceries (fairtrade, bio etc) // How to transform something you do on a daily basis to something that generates a positive social and environmental impact // Home gardening // Parenting Sustainability // Kids workshop with Little Sun (an intro to solar energy and sustainability)

More to be announced……

We welcome all ages, families, friends and members of the community and invite you all to join us in doing some good while enjoying the sun together 🙂

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