OBEY/ Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey is back in Berlin and pasted on famous spot at Alexanderplatz

The Haus der Statistik (house of statistics) is an abandoned building in the heart of Berlin at Alexanderplatz.

Some month ago the famous street art couple Various&Gould did their amazing Saints there (Street Art Berlin reported).

Now another world famous street artist chose this place to share his street art with Berlin: Shepard Fairey.

The Haus der Statistik is a very special building in Berlin: A lot of competitors like to give new life into it. In the former GDR the house was a representative building for serveral ministries and the department of statistic. Later the building was used again by the government of Germany in the same way. Since 2008 the building is empty and nobody is sure what the future will bring. First there was the plan to tear it down and to build new offices or hotels. Later came the idea of making it to a refugee center. Now a days a lot of culture institutions want to use it as a creative space for art activities. But no plan is sure until now. Also the city of Berlin has no right to make plans because the Haus der Statistik is not owned by the government of the city of Berlin, it is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany. They decide.

But let´s take a look at the street art Shepard Fairey aka Obey Giant pasted on the walls:



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  1. sascha

    Saw a couple of new (I think) pieces elsewhere as well. There’s one below Yorckbrücken and another at Hallesches Tor (on the bridge, when you come from the official one at Mehringplatz), where I’m not sure. I think there was always one, but this just looks super-fresh.

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