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RON MILLER creates helmet for the Long Night of Museums in Berlin – and YOU can win one!


For the 39th time, Berlin’s Long Night of Museums gave an insight on the broad and colourful spectrum of cultural pearls of the city. For the very first time, the company Uber took part as an official partner and thus, connected culture with mobility. Thus, visitors could make use of cheaper transport tickets for Uber cars and e-bikes in order to visit museums. Furthermore, they could experience street art from a close range: The famous street artist duo RON MILLER created bicycle helmets for Uber’s JUMP e-bikes.

RON MILLER and the red JUMP bikes by UBER

Together with drivers of the e-bikes, RON MILLER presented the bike helmets: Each one is a unique creation, each one is an eye-catcher.

RON MILLER stayed true to their famous theme and created a Geisha helmet. – STREET ART BERLIN exclusively gives one helmet for free as part of a raffle.

Vivid colours, a Geisha, droppings – RON MILLER goes bike helmet!

Safety First: Because the helmet created by RON MILLER is a work of art, JUMP by Uber throws in an additional bike helmet. Thus, the RON MILLER art piece can be presented nicely under glass while the winner of the raffle will still stay safe on the (e-)bike.


Behind the name “Ron Miller” are the Berlin conceptual artists Marcus Klüh and Ronny Kindt. In the past years, they have made a name for themselves with Geisha pictures as paste-ups and on canvases, as well as with their motto “FUCK FAME”. Nowadays, they can look back on a multi-disciplinary artistic career. From the Frankfurt pop-up gallery to the Berlin techno club, they play with different spaces, objects and handicraft. Their recurring style employs graffiti tags, ink, and special techniques involving gloss paint, which can be found both on canvas and in their installations.

Their integral approach and contextual assimilation of individual conditions distinguish their art. Curiosity towards handicraft and an experimental spirit leads these two autodidacts on constantly new paths. They explain: “ …what we see, we embody in our work. What you can see from us is made for your emotions and thoughts. With heart and emotion we show you our version of daily life. Do we make the world a better place by doing so? We don’t know, but in any case, we make it a bit more aesthetic.”

Since 2017, they are known for their co-operation with famous brands. They have displayed their artistic talent during VOGUE Fashion Night and the GQ Man of the Year Award and won over their prominent guests. Actor Hugh Jackman (known for portraying the character Wolverine), Alec Voelkel of Boss Hoss, and actress Kate Hudson are some of the most famous owners of art works by Ron Miller.

About Uber

Uber is a company that connects people worldwide through a smartphone app and offers on-demand supplies. nowadays, their users can choose alternative transport methods like JUMP-bikes, food delivery services and cargo transports in more than 700 cities in 63 countries.

About the Long Night of Museums

Each year at the Long Night of Museums, Berlin’s museums and cultural institutions exhibit their collections at unusual hours. Not only will visitors be able to see permanent exhibitions of Berlin’s state museums and other institutions at very unusual hours, but they are also invited to the framework programme around the Long Night of Museums which includes art and dance performances and concerts.

Thus, from 6 pm to 2 am, artists, musicians and dancers likewise, create ephemeric pieces of art in very unique and astonishing settings.

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