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RON MILLER are back with a fulminant double exhibition: „MAD & BED“ in the West of Berlin and „TRIP“ in the East of the city

The conceptual urban artist duo RON MILLER are back in Berlin with not only one, but two exhibitions! The fulminant double exhibition is ought to be a hommage to their birth place Berlin and can be found in two different spots in Berlin. First of all, in the gallery AusserGewöhnlich at BIKINI BERLIN (West) you can see their exhibition „MAD & BED“, where their signature figure, the Geisha, is put into all sorts of erotic and mad accessories. Secondly, in The Grand, at the new Club 1842 located at Berlin Alexanderplatz (East), their show „TRIP“ lets Geishas emerge from out of the walls.

©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin


About RON MILLER, the Geisha and breaking conventions

According to tradition, the Geisha represents elegance and skillfulness: The concubine dances, entertains, she is beautiful, she pours sake into glasses.

RON MILLER, that is Marcus Klüh and Ronny Kindt, show their signature figure, the Geisha, in unconventional forms: Sometimes in boots and net stockings, other times tied up in a straightjacket or on a leash. Their Geisha is always a mysterious, anonymous figure with blindfolded eyes and a mouth piece. – But is the Geisha depicted as a slave here? No, the overall intention is as follows: The Geisha becomes a rebel who does not care for traditional conventions. The conceptual artists were both born in Berlin and like to break conventions.

Her anonymous appearance reflects an overall social criticism: Break out of the conventional, be brave, be bold, be free. Just be yourself. Fuck fame, fuck conventions. The artist duo’s slogan FUCK FAME strengthens this rebellious vibe.

Though RON MILLER and their art consisting mostly of stencils, paste ups and already made a name for themselves with famous buyers such as Alec from The BossHoss, Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman, ironically, they dislike social voyeurism. The artists engage themselves against the selfie mania and terror in times of Instagram and other social media.


About „MAD & BED: Between porn and madness“

©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

In the focus of the exhibition stand social conflicts: Imprisonment vs. freedom, traditions vs. progression. The exhibition triggers the viewers out of their comfort zones.

RON MILLER burned the house with estimated 300 guests on their vernissage on 8th August this year.

Exhibition: 9th August – 30th September

AusserGewöhnlich Berlin


Budapester Str. 50

10787 Berlin


About „TRIP“

©AusserGewöhnlich Berlin

„TRIP“ is a hommage to the longing for home, to feel secure, safe and sound. Geishas climb out of the walls, their arms leave the picture frames.

RON MILLER opened the new Club in a private circle 1842 in the oldest still existing house at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz: The Grand with their vernissage in a small, private circle.

Exhibition: 24th August- 31st October


The Grand

Hirtenstraße 4

10178 Berlin



With the double exhibition, RON MILLER explore very different facettes of social criteria that bind, inspire, provoke, shock and fascinate us. Their overall present Geisha is a mirror of society, for our deepest dwellings, emotions and motivations, whether she seeks the intimacy of home, however you define it, or rebels against conventions – two aspects which RON MILLER associate with and display in their birth city Berlin.

All works from both exhibitions can be seen here:

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