Street Art Exhibitions at Factory Berlin

Street Art Berlin is bringing some great art from the streets to the gallery. To have amazings shows in an amazing place, we built a strong partnership with Facory Berlin who is hosting the art pieces in their basement spaces.

The Factory Berlin sets it´s own profile as a next generation business club, office and event space that “ connects the right people to build relationships that truly matter and empowers entrepreneurs to make a real impact, creating the world of tomorrow“.

Due to that the next gereration of art needs to pass the extraordinary spaces of the Factory, too. Especially the Factory Restaurant will showing the art pieces of the local, national and international street artists.

All shows will last about two or three months and will give an amazing choise of real street art.

The first show is done by the Berlin based and international working urban artist Falkland.

The following exhibitions will be:

  • FREE SOLO by Sam Crew from 5th of December 2016 until the 28th of February 2017
  • CATS, GROUPS AND ROBOTS by Rabea Senftenberg from 2nd of March 2017 until 31th of May 2017
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FIRST LOVE? by Ron Miller from 1st of June until the 30th of August 2017
  • Bird don´t like rain by CAZ.L from 1st of September until the 20th of November 2017
  • Addison Karl  from 21th of November until 31th of March 2018
  • Delirium by Sokar Uno from 19th of April until   28th of June 2018
  • Tape Over Crew from 29th June until 10th of September 2018
  • Last Pieces by Robi The Dog from 12th of September until 1st of November 2018
  • tba by Vidam The Weird from 2nd of Novemver until 31 of January 2019

You will find all important information in the current blog articles. For reservations for the vernissages and finissages please send us an e-mail.

Facility of Facory Berlin at Rheinberger Str. 76 in Berlin-Mitte

Facility of Factory Berlin at Rheinberger Str. 76 in Berlin-Mitte


See here some impressions of the exhibition of Falkland at the Factory Restaurant:

Falkland exhibition by Street Art Berlin

Falkland exhibition by Street Art Berlin

Falkland exhibition avenue

Falkland exhibition avenue