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Past – Present – Future: 3D-artists Ruben Ponica and Victor Splash hit the Potsdamer Platz

Just in time for this year’s Urban Art Week, the artists Ruben Ponica and Victor Puzin followed Street Art Berlin’s invitation and transformed the Potsdamer Platz into a 3D landscape. On the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the famous Potsdamer Platz will be shown as it was 30 years ago, a construction side, and how it will look like soon, e.g. through a new concept and redesign of the shopping mall Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. Past, present and future: Don’t miss out on seeing these mindblowing artworks by two of the most famous 3D street artists of the world!

The first painting, to be found in front of the entrance zone of the shopping mall „Potsdamer Platz Arkaden“ (between Ludwig-Beck-Str. and Joseph-von-Eichendorff-Gasse), Berlin’s heraldic animal, the bear, is greeting you with a huge smile, while lying chilled on the floor, with the typical Potsdamer Platz-skyline in the background.


The second painting, a huge three-dimensional artwork, where the artists marked on one side the perfect viewing point for visitors in form of footprints, can be seen on the floor of the shopping mall’s ground level, more or less central.


Furthermore, another large three-dimensional painting was created on the floor of Marlene-Dietrich-Platz, it is futuristic and fun to play with the perspective.

Victor Splash: Back to the Future!


The paintings can be seen throughout the whole duration of the Urban Art Week and beyond that until 15th September. Visitors are invited to take photos.


About Ruben Ponica

Born in The Hague, The Netherlands. Started as a professional artist in 1996.

Ruben, who started out as a musician and was tired of being paid „in exposure“ figured that with his art, he could actually reach a wider audience. His first years of painting he spent working for cinemas and theatres, for whom he created large billboards. That activity was followed by murals and lettering and signs for shops as well as cartoons and illustrations for different magazines. His favoured techniques are acrylic and oil colours

By experimenting with realistic and surrealistic styles and different perspectives, he discovered the world of anamorphic (3D) street art.

Ruben is one of the best known 3D artists worldwide and won numerous awards in Europe, such as in Germany and Belgium, but also several times in Mexico.


Follow Ruben on    FaceBook   or visit:   Ruben on Blogspot


About Victor Puzin/ Victor Splash

Victor was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, where he still lives – that is, when he is not on the move in the whole world to paint his three-dimensional street art for competitions and commissions world-wide. As Ruben, he is famous in many places and worked for prestigious customers, e.g. VW, and won many international awards, for example in Germany (2014 AND 2015) and Latvia (2016).

„I create 3D murals & designs with facade paints. I am mostly inspired by the architecture of building or objects near the the location where I’m creating my piece of art.“

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