Otto Schade

Otto Schade – We joined him for a Streetart Trip through Berlin

"The Joker" - Streetart by Otto Schade (Osch) in Berlin

The London based Streetartist Otto Schade („Osch“, short for O tto SCH ade) visited Berlin for a few times and we met with him again to document the production of his great Streetart works: Some high detailed, filligran, complex, precisely sprayed, a demonstration for the proficiency of his craft – some simple but sophisticated, in a clever provoking humor.
And to make our colorful trip even better we also invited him to visit and paint on the former NSA listening station Teufelsberg (Devils Hill) in Berlin that has been in use during the cold war.

Otto Schade and his new Streetart-Works in Berlin

It almost seems to become an tradition: On his latest stay Otto Schade was visiting „Haus Schwarzenberg“ again. The traces he left a more than obvious: „The Joker“ (photo above), an artwork showing the face of a vicious clown sprayed in Ottos typical style, is probably the most impressive and well-elaborated artwork we have seen in Berlin ever.

Since a few days his artwork „Cop a Load„, showing a child shiting into a police helmet, can also be found at the entrance tunnel of „Haus Schwarzenberg“:

Cop a Load- Streetart by Otto Schade (Osch) in Berlin (Baby shits in Police Helmet)

Streetartist Otto Schade hits Teufelsberg Berlin

The next day, we met up with him to discover the former „NSA Listening Station“ on Teufelsberg Berlin (Devils Hill). After it has been in use during the Cold War it was turned into an „Open-Air-Gallery“ a few years ago. The history, architecture and of course its history, make the Teufelsberg to one of the most unique Graffiti and Streetart Hotspots that can be found in Germany, maybe even Europe. Up on Teufelsberg Otto painted 2 more Streetart Works on old rusty containers:
Cop for a Load“ for a second time:

Otto Schade (Osch) painting "Cop a load" Streetart at Berlin Teufelsberg:

and „Godfather of the Streets II„:Otto Schade aka Osch: The New Godfather of the Street" on Berlin Teufelsberg

right next to each other. The „Godfather of the Streets II„, is an side profile portrait in black and white showing „The Godfather“ Don Vito Corleone), who was played by Marlon Brando.

A few years ago, he already paid tribute to the Machiavellian „Godfather“ and the legendary Mafia movie of the same name by painting the world famous portrait of Don Vito Corleone in Otto Schades typical style. For those of you who don’t know the film, it is maybe worth highlighting that the black and white artworks Otto has done of the „Godfather“ are getting more intense because it has been a Black and White movie, just like this artworks are:

Otto Schade (aka Osch): "The Godtather of the Street" Streetart Work in Berlin


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