OCB Street Art Contest: 1500 € for your wall, 5000 € for the winner!


The paper company OCB is doing a compe“>tition called “Show tongues” (Zeig Zunge) for artists.

This year the competition is especially for street artist. Knowing that street art is not for sale and the specials with this kind of art, we manage this project for OCB to make sure that everything would be safe and confident for you.

We will: protect your name and your real identity, protect the copyrights for your artwork, make sure that you get payed fast and safe, look for fairness, host you during the session

What it is about?

You should send us a pic of your work and we put it on the official platform of OCB. On the 1th of July OCB  chooses 6 artworks that will get real at a club in Germany.

The clubs are in:

Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Köln, Frankfurt, Essen

For every club you will get payed with 1500,- Euro. In the best case the artist will come from the city where the club is.

From the 6 winners of the cities the audience will choose one, who will win 5000 Euro and get a blowup print hang out on a famous place in Berlin.

Terms & conditions

The topic of the design can be „tongue“ but only can, not must!!!! You can interpret it wide or ignore it. The company OCB, paper, smoking tobacco or weed should NOT be part of the art because it is a real art competition.

You can work with all kinds of street art: you can paste, knit, install, stencil what ever. We are looking especially for artists who not “only” use cans.

If you win there should be a general agreement for OCB to use your winner artwork for their print campain. But the use is not for sure. If it is used you don´t need to worry: there is no sell out. We really checked  it: There is only your artwork, your artist name and one package OCB papers on the right corner- thats it. If you have any questions about that, don´t hesitate to contact us.

What happens with your designs?

For us it is very important that you keep the copyright of your design proposals during the whole competition. So you never need to worry that someone use that without paying. After the competition all pics are getting deleted.

If you want we will also make an insurance if something happens to you during the art session. If there are still any questions left, never hesitate to contact us.


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  4. Jesse Olwen


    I would love to enter this street art competition but I’m not sure if the contest is closed. The link to OCB is in German, and doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. Can you let me know where to go?

    I would also love to share my artwork through your website, however I am not in Berlin. You can visit my website and let me know what you think. Thanks!

    Jesse Olwen

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