New Video by Street / Graffiti Artist MTO "The FAT LIE Piece"

The French but Berlin based Street and Graffiti Artist MTO send us his new video today. For those of you who don’t know MTO check out our older post we wrote about MTO here.

The new video is a documentary about a controversy that was kicked off by a mural MTO made. It was showing 2 hands with crossed fingers  and tattoos on that say: „Fast Life“.

The documentary „Fat Lie“ is an interesting film about a witch-hunt that was started by conservative people that didn’t understand the differences between graffiti and gang criminality or tattoos and a jail time spend. That witch-hunt was pushed by the media and authorities to an act of destruction. Destruction of an artwork that was meant to be a present to society.

In this film MTO is showing the whole story about his mural and is telling everybody about his point of view.


FL from MTO on Vimeo.


MTO on Facebook

Flickr set of MTO by Street Art Berlin

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