Emess: new mural at ATM Gallery

New temporary mural by EMESS and Danny Gretscher at ATM Gallery

For a short time there are two new masterpieces in Berlin! Yeah!

At  Lützowstr.6 in 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten next to ATM Gallery the urban artists Danny Gretscher and Emess painted an amazing mural. On 35x 5 meters they looked into the current situation and developement of Berlin.

The street art legend Emess with his unique style and message collaborates with Danny Gretscher who has this tipical contemporary painting style. Both are showing their individual interpretation of what happens to the city right now.

The motto of Emess´ street art mural is: Like it is now it can not stay. (We need a change.)

The results are stunning and definitely changing the urban surrounding.

Let´s have a look at the murals:

Mural by Danny Gretscher

Mural by Danny Gretscher


Mural by Emess

Mural by Emess





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