Telmomiel mural Kreuzberg

Mural by streetart duo TELMOMIEL and street dance performance support THE HAUS

There is a new mural in Berlin-Kreuzberg which shows a man walking with his dog. Or is it an old woman in strange clothes? What ever – the pug beside the walking person is disguised in a common street look. This kind of surrealistic mural was painted by Telmomiel – a street art duo from the Netherlands- in context of the project THE HAUS and their commitment there.

The name Telmomiel consists of the names of the two artists: Telmo and Miel. Both found together in 2012 and started to do street art and studio work.

The artist description at THE HAUS artists page says as followed about their art:

„Their recent work contains playfulness in the abstraction of reality, attempting to lead the viewer to a different perspective of the subjects used. The language of their imagery evolved into the use of multiple layers that interact with one another to form one piece.

The result is usually very surrealistic, with a keen eye for the technicality of realism. They work on the same mural pieces together and are able to switch places whenever they want or need to. Their studio work contains individual and collaborative pieces, but they all carry the name TelmoMiel.“

We are thankful that THE HAUS crew shared nice photos of the making of and the finished piece with us:

Telmomiel mural Kreuzberg making of

Telmomiel mural Kreuzberg making of

Telmomiel mural Kreuzberg

Telmomiel mural Kreuzberg


But there is another crew that supports THE HAUS: The LUNATIX Dance Production gives an impression of the amazing art inside THE HAUS and adds dance performances to the diffenrent art rooms. Here you can see the whole clip:

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  1. Uli

    to late… there is already a advertisement instead 🙁

  2. northierthanthou

    Interesting to see the odd shapes they use as background in the early stages. I keep wanting to make more sense of them than perhaps I am supposed to.

  3. diana

    what a pity 🙁

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