Mein Lieber Prost Party

Berlins Ad-Busting king and Street Artist „Mein Lieber Prost„, known for his humor, is in a difficult situation. After he came in to trouble with the authorities, that aren’t treating Street Art as „real“ art, he is now needing our help and solidarity. Too much culture is dying in Berlin at the moment, and for sure you don’t want to be loosing you’re Prostie!

Here the statement of Prost:

„Dear Friends of Joy,
As some of you know, I*m now in the problem with those people with green uniform, those people who see what I do as a vandalism not as art. Those people who have no sense of humor and no sense for art. As a result, they might ask me for lots of money and In the worst case they might be send me back to Planet Prost.
Me I don*t have money, since the beginning of time , all I have just love and art. And now they took my love and some even copied my prostie and put it in the profit level

Bevor I bring myself to the end, I want you to join me to the one and only Prostie party.“

Pleae come to the „One hundered percent, one and only Prosti party“ at „Kater Holzig“.  Stand up and dance for supporting street art! Stand up and dance against the dying culture in the city.

Mein Lieber Prost Soli Party at Kater Holzig: One hundered percent, one and only Prosty Party


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