Jimmy C.

Street Artist Jimmy C. aka James Cochran hits up Berlin Kreuzberg

Jimmy C. (akajimmyc) hit up Berlin last week. Supposedly he just wanted to show a roomate from Australia, who was on a trip around Europe, around Berlin. Supposedly. But once Jimmy arrived in Berlin he couldn’t resist painting again. This time he chose a small wall in the Wrangel Kiez (the area around the Wrangelstr.). He’s always loved the Berlin district of Kreuzberg and his artwork has become a homage to it.

Jimmy C (akajimmyc) paints Man with Hoddy showing 36 Kreuzberg Hand Sign

He ended up painting a young man in a hoody, who can be seen forming the number 36 with his fingers (if you look from left to right you can see that three fingers are raised, forming the 3, while the thumb, fore- and middle finger of the right hand form a 6). The number 36 was once the postcode for the eastern part of Kreuzberg (X-Berg), which was considered to be a poorer, rougher, and more dangerous part of Kreuzberg. Many left-wingers and squatters made it their home, it was and is the venue of the 1. May riots as well as being the home of students, artists and immigrant workers (less than 68% of the population of Kreuzberg comes from Germany), and it also became the home of a vibrant multicultural underground scene that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the world. The first to start forming the number 36 with their hands were the „36Boys„, a Hip Hop crew founded by „MAXIM“ (RIP), that unfortunatly became better known for crime and violence. The „36Boys“ don’t exist anymore, but the sign is still used by the people of Kreuzberg to show that are proud of their district and the neighbourhood they live in.

Jimmy C (akajimmyc) paints Man with Hoddy showing 36 Kreuzberg Hand Sign

Jimmy received a lot of compliments from people in the neighbourhood whilst painting his latest work; not just from youngsters and graffiti artists, but also from grannys, hipsters, tourists, streetart fans and anyone keen to show their enthusiasm for the area.

After painting the hoody man Jimmy should already been on his way to the airport. But again he couldn’t help himselfe, and had to paint his „Dripping Heart“ on the way back, in the district, he seems to like quite alot: Kreuzberg.

Dripping Hear by Jimmy C aka James Cohran

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  1. Sherrie

    Just trying to do a paper on you for a contemporary art class. I love your work. I am writing on Bolt piece and on you theory. ANY INPUT?

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