Italian Street Artist Bifido spreads Nazi pose street art in Berlin

Bifido is one of the most famous street artists of Italy. Travelling through the world he hits a lot of cities with his social critics and his colourful way to show the world how it is at the moment.

Few days ago Bifido spread some kind of Nazi pose street art in Berlin. For Berlin this is maybe really strange because on the one hand they see some great colourful images pasted on the walls. On the other hand all pieces are doing a Nazi pose with their right hand up.


For us from Street Art Berlin meaningful enough to ask artist Bifido directly about his intention:

„I use art to make a statement and create an impact on important issues of war, violence, capitalism and childhood.

My motto is: “children find everything in nothing, the adults nothing in the all” (Giacomo Leopardi) – I’m a child that survived. Usually I work with kids because I think that children have something anarchist, not be coded. The humanity of my work is sad and problematic, but retains the possibility that things are different. After all, the message is simple, everyone has in itself the creative power of a child playing. I use paste up technique (paper, glue, and photos). After I finalizes the concept of the overall idea and the draft (written, drawn or digitally realized), I shoot the photos in the studio. Usually, they are just single subjects that I assemble later.“


So Bifido want to call attention to this new tendency to the racism, xenophobia  and hate that is actually seen in the world.

To him it was important so read those line for  street art aim : „Until the color of a man’s skin is no more significance than the color of his eyes, me say war“ (War, Bob Marley)

See more impression of his work here:



Bifido at work pasting his statement street art





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