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El Bocho

In the studio of El Bocho – confidential report by Street Art Berlin

Back from his successful exhibition trip to Japan, street artist El Bocho invited us for a nice coffee in his studio.
Just for a coffee? No – we spontaneously asked for the possibilty to share some impressions of his amazing day light studio in the heart of Berlin to the audience.

El Bocho – Street Art Berlin reported – is one of the most famous and most active street artists in Berlin. Based in the city aswell, he spread his handmade drawn beauties and characters all over the world.
But how does a studio space look like from an artist who kept and keeps (!) his identity still secret and needs to handle the credit and mysterious life from the street with the public fame that brings the success in galleries? Which part of him would dominate?

Lets have a look:



Of course there are a lot of colours for inside and outside…


..and some very typical street artists stuff: a bucket with tools for paste-ups. And here – very sweet – Little Lucy´s cat as as street sign on a street sign.

And next to a lot of portraits of very beautiful women: a lot of very funny Lucys! It looks like a breeding ground for this special girl:


Still every Lucy is handmade by the artist:


As further we walk through the studio – as more Lucys do we find. (Perfectly) Hidden between frames, paper, glue and brushes. Or cheeky watching you from a corner of the shelf:


So it was – and is – maybe one of the most funniest street art studios in Berlin! The street wins!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to visit it, Mr. El Bocho!

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  1. northierthanthou

    Okay that painting on top is just gorgeous.

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