Train Bombing - Witnesses welcome!

Heat wave in Berlin – it gets hotter THIS weekend!


While the temperatures during the last few days cracked the 30 degree-mark, the upcoming weekend promises cooler temperatures. But: It gets hotter, at least in terms of not one, but two epic upcoming festivals that burn the streets THIS weekend!

In the light of showing to a wider audience that street art and graffiti is not limited to the stigmatization of vandalism and illegal activity, these two festivals open up the scene to a wider audience and invite you to come together, get to know the artistic side, the working efforts of artists, and experience the inspiring spirit of a common experience for people of all ages and backgrounds. Street art is a language that shapes the urban space – it is not always legal, but that does not change it’s purpose: It can be a critical voice towards an existing socio-political environment, it expresses feelings, collective memories, transmits beautiful sides of life or just entertains and makes your daily walks through the urban landscape more colourful. Come and join these two festivals, they sure as hell create unforgettable memories.

First of all, the YARD 5 FESTIVAL 2019 will take place Saturday, 3rd August from 12.00 o’clock on until Sunday, 4th August, in the lively RAW area close to Warschauer Straße in Friedrichshain. Free entrance!

If that is not enough, come together for the GRAFFITI SPORT JAM 2019 in Spandau or extend your weekend, because this amazing, bashing event takes place from 3rd August until 6th August and includes a challenging battle, live music. Limited tickets (only 500 tickets available)!


3. Aug., 12:00 – 4. Aug., 23:00

RAW-Gelände, Revaler Str. 99, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

hosts: YARD5 Graffiti SHOP Berlin and RAW-Area

Don’t just think black and white – YARD 5 festival is colourful!

On an area of roughly 8.500 m², the unique program contains a colourful mixture of graffiti, street art, stenci lart, sticker art, show cases, live painting, kids workshops, graffiti battle and more. The musical support includes live acts, DJ-sets and rap and beatbox battles.

Hosted by the YARD 5 graffiti store, who introduced the festival first time in 2014, and the RAW area, this climatic summer festival promises to be as colourful as the urban art scene itself. Here, you can find the scene coming together in one place, celebrating art you normally have to search all over the city. This annual festival brings together not only local, national and international artists from different sectors and milieus but also curious locals and visitors. – Alone in the last year, 3.000 festival visitors enjoyed that event throughout only one day, this year the festival enravishes you for two days while simultaneously expanding the program, colour, spaces – YARD 5 festival is back and it got longer, bigger, more colourful. Don’t miss out on it.

The area offers places to exhibit, you can participate in painting murals and wooden walls! Artists and visitors likewise unite to create together an open air gallery full of street art!

If you are interested in painting or exhibiting your stuff, show it! Please write an e-mail to


3rd Aug. 12:00 – 6th Aug. 21:00

Wildstyle Hall of Fame, Lagerweg 22, 13599 Berlin

organizors: Sprühlinge e.V., Wildstyle Shop, #UglyDucklingBerlin, Arbeitskreis Urbane Kunst und Kultur Deutschland


Ready for a challenge? Graffiti Sport Jam 2019 awaits. Get into your sneakers.

Throughout the last years, the event evolved into a highlight in the German speaking graffiti scene – no worries, it is also an international event full of people from all over the world!

There will be the #100CansBattle, a daily event for all generations and the occasion to celebrate the graffiti scene while listening to music and having a BBQ. Find EUROPE’s ONLY GraffitiParcours and a fake metro train (#UBahnAttrappe), that serves as a battlefield for participants who need to train bomb it with colour while having a limited amount of time.

Train bombing in plain daylight! Witnesses are welcome 🙂

But that’s not all. Not only will the battle participants have to paint a train, but also arrive there through a parcour – no other battle is that sportive and challenging while promising a huge amount of fun for both the 40 battle participants and 750 spectators from Germany, Japan, New York, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Poland!

Check out the video:

visitor tickets for the GRAFFITI SPORT JAM 2019 (only 500 available):

More info on the YARD 5 FESTIVAL 2019:

Instagram: @yard5_festival / @yard5_graffitishop_berlin


More info on the GRAFFITI SPORTS JAM 2019:

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