Hatch Stickermuseum in Berlin is reopening! See Street Art Stickers for free!

The Hatch Stickermuseum is the only one of its kind in the world, an uncomercial non-profit project with out admission to be paid, like Street Art, it is for free, accesable for everyone. The Museum has shown stickers from all around the world, from Street Art Stickers made by Shepard Fairey, over hand drawn stickers by Nomad, funny advertisment stickers to stickers you created and brought or send there could be admired.

Also a lot of great events and shows have been organized by the Stickermuseums. „Oversized and Underprized“ was one of them, an event where participating Streetartists and Graffiti Writer like: 1UP Crew, Czarnobyl, Dave the Chimp, El Bocho, Emess, Various, Gould, Haevi, Herr von Bias, Plotbot KEN, Mein Lieber Prost, Mymo, Ping Pong, London Police, Vidam ond so on, sold handmade stickers for redicoulus favourable prices.

But offering the biggest Stickercolection ever, anywhere, in an uncomercial way meant also that „Olli“, the owner, had to fight for its existence. After hard times the Sticker Museum had to close on the 26th of October 2012.


Reopening of the Hatch Stickermuseum. "Paintings before Stickers".

Hatch Stickermuseum reopens!

On our visit at the Cons Space, where the Hatch Sticker Museum was exibiting we got the news that the museum will reopen in a complete new way, first as „Hatch Gallery“ untill the whole Museum is setted up and Olli will be happy with its appearance. The reopening of the Stickermuseum will take place on:

18. October 2013 at Schreinerstraße 10, in 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain,

with the „Paintings before Stickers“ exihibition. The artists: Age Age, BKopf, Boing, Carl Kenz, Cuke, Edo, Haevi and a choice of Ollis sticker collection with stickers from 1983 on.



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