Factory Berlin Vernissage with Sascha Missfeldt

FRIDAY, 28 June 2019, 19.00-21.00

Factory Berlin Görlitzer Park, Lohmühlenstr. 65, 12435 Berlin

Germany’s capital is a thriving graffiti and street art scene– one can stumble upon unique visual worlds finding astonishing, experimental artwork in unexpected places.

Berlin is the place where Sascha Missfeldt let his creativity loose. Here he could make use of the different techniques he learned during his education and here he could re-invent himself constantly and try out techniques such as drawings, paper collages, murals, and tags.

The artist uses spray cans, markers and even shoe polish. Besides graffiti, he also creates abstract compositions on canvas: Where graffiti is limited by rules such as the usage of outlines, the abstract allows him to break out of it, try an unlimited number of new forms, colors and compositions which are never planned through but rather spontaneous visual reflections of the ephemeric moment.

About The Exhibition

10 years ago, Sascha Missfeldt started document Berlin’s art scene in a non-commercial way and gathered information and document street artists and their work in an online blog and social media – always with the goal to support street art and street artists in a fair and transparent manner.

Get to know the Berlin art scene through Street Art Berlin and join us on this special edition’s Vernissage.


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