Emus Primus

Emus Primus: German rap meets Street Art photos of Berlin – photos and report by Street Art BLN

This is our first half English and half German post about Street Art and Graffiti, because the photos and lyrics you will see are half German half English. The following Street Art videos are a homage, a tribute made by the German Rapper „Emus Primus“ who is working together with „East Cross Projekts“. The text is written by the Street Artits in Berlin, who are leaving there works on the streets. He just took photos of all kinds of Street Art, especially Street Art which is including lyrics. Which means you get, parts of the best Street Art photos, lyrics and statements, which can be found in the streets of Berlin.

His videos are like a Street Art photo slide show, which have been cut together in a way, Emus can make a Hip Hop track by reading the Street Art photos. So check them out!


Emus Primus: Berlin spricht – A tribute to Berlins Street Art

Emus Primus: Berlin Spricht II – A tribute to Berlins Street Art

Emus Primus: Berlin spricht – A tribute to one of the most special Street Artists in Berlin:  Mein Lieber Prost

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