ELIOT the super goes JR Gallery Berlin

ELIOT the super goes JR Gallery Berlin
Solo Exhibition – Opening May 10th – 18-21h
Goethestrasse 81 / 10623 Berlin
Yeah, my first serious solo exhibition with all new artworks!
Aside from my iconic Neon Food series including my all time classic „Ice Cone“ motive plated in 24k gold, I created a lot of new images based on my photographs taken around urban environments and cities.A Trash Barrel full of trash after New Year’s Eve. A camper with a view, parked in the middle of the city. A hot dog cart and a childrens Brotzeitdose are just a few highlights to name among the new artworks. Ranging between 40×40 cm up to an original LA In-N-Out Double-Double cheeseburger on a large scale of 120×160 cm, the viewer has a lot to explore and get hungry about.

Using mixed media techniques, the background is mostly traditionally painted in acrylics and the main motive is spray painted with stencils using some of the most crazy and flashy colours spray cans have to offer. All this gold, glitter and neon shines in overwhelming glory by a high-gloss, resin poured finish.
You have to see this in real life!

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