DIGITAL FRUITS – first Berlin solo-show of DARED in CULTURE POP STUDIO

VERNISSAGE on Saturday, 1st June 2019 bei STREET ART BERLIN im CULTURE POP STUDIO in den Potsdamer Platz Arkaden, Alte Potsdamer Str. 7, 10875 Berlin-Mitte

The DIGITAL FRUITS come from the street into CULTURE POP STUDIO

Summer temperatures arrived in Berlin. – Time to come together in the streets with cold drinks and fresh fruits. Thus being said, the promising artist and designer DARED initiated a come-together by instaling his first Berlin solo-show DIGITAL FRUITS in our brand new CULTUTRE POP STUDIO showroom and created a vivid, lively space by combining a powerful and yet sensitive display of three-dimensional objects, light and dynamic movements.

Originally known as a graffiti artist, DARED completed an education in design and became a vital part of Berlin’s urban art scene. He is known for his iconic paste-ups in a post-pop style, he now explores the third dimension with his polygon installation.

The DIGITAL FRUITS are polygonal objects dragged out of a virtual reality, some of them made from galvanized steel, some of plastic and aluminium. The unnatural whiteness and cool metallic tones strike the eye immediately and leave an uncanny feeling. – What we cannot define by the shape, form or colour, leaves us puzzled and fascinated the same time.

The oloid- a 16-faced mask

The 16-faceted fruits are a homage to Paul Schatz’s oloid, described as a “mathematically perfect” piece of design that displays qualities of wholeness, motion and infinity. But these appealing features entangle another aspect: Their loop-like movement and uncontrollable growth reflect an hypertrophic society, easily subject to the laws of the market. These overgrown units of nourishment turn out inedible and poisonous at the same time, enclosing a contradiction that shapes them in a seemingly bifacial mask: One side is friendly drop-shaped while the other is edged and aggressive, looking cheerfully into the past and confronting the future.

The original setting of the DIGITAL FRUITS

The Digital Fruits hang in front of the „Bunker“, that since 2003 houses the private collection of Boros. The parallel between the installation and its context refers certainly to a process of ephemerality and subtraction from physical public fruition; but DARED’s work is more a reaffirmation of the extra-galleristic reality rather than a critique towards private collections.

DIGITAL FRUITS out in the wild

DIGITAL FRUITS in their mind-blowing interpretation

As the objects swing in the air, sometimes harmonically to the beat of the DJ’s music set, sometimes against the rhythm, the lasershow highlights their different facettes: The polygons are dancing and turning and looping in unpredictable ways above the triangle-shaped mirror on the floor. They symbolize the complexity and connectivity of our world as well as it’s distortion: The mirror itself seems like a ripped out piece of the fruits that consist of 16 triangle-shaped units. It is just a part of a whole, bigger, complex connectivity.

How we perceive the world is only a fragment of what is really going on out there: Some things are in full light, an originally white surface suddenly seems blue, the next second yellow. With another turn, that side disappears and leaves the viewer with a feeling of being thrown into an ever-changing world that keeps on looping and turning and transforming without rules or control. – The DIGITAL FRUITS confront us with innovation and transformation that grows faster than our ability to regulate or control it and by that, the virtual reality the artist DARED is inspired by, only inspires us more to reflect on the reality we are striving through.

For the times they are a changing…


It was a very memorable evening, a time to reflect and come together, to walk around, seeing things in different light. – A vernissage that truly inspired to re-think, to raise awareness and to contemplate over changes, turning points, the ephemerity of life in a complex and ever-changing world.

A big thank you first of all to the artist DARED for letting us participate in that beautiful event, another not lesser thank you to all the visitors, Djs, and everyone, who helped with the preparation of this evening and who celebrated with DARED and our team from STREET ART BERLIN in the CULTURE POP STUDIO.

DIGITAL FRUITS getting ready for the music


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