Converse Photo Clash in Berlin!

Converse Photo Clash in Berlin

Converse has hosted the second part of their Sneakers Clash Campaign yesterday – The Photo Clash. Yesterday, and until Saturday you have the possibility to get your photos „hacked“ by a selection of the freshest Streetartists that currently are in town. You can send your own photos via twitter (#clashmyphoto, @converse), bring a photo with you to the event or use the photo booth on site, to get it turned into a personalized artwork, for FREE. The photos will be displayed until Saturday, before they get send to their new proud owners.

Converse Photo Clash in Berlin

Of course their is no chance for to miss an event like this. And being honest to you: „The evening has exceeded all of our expectations.“ How often have you got the opportunity to watch artists in action? The Streetartists: BLO, Mike Friedrich, Benne Rohlman and Saddo have created more than great colorful artworks every few minutes. It seemed that creativity of these guys has no limit. The Streetartists and Illustrate BLO said: „It is real cool that you have to create an artwork within 10 minutes, what means that you don’t have the time to think about it, you just take the painter and do it, the possibility to work border free and without thinking or looking at the result for long is a liberating kind of working, like doing a fast throw-up on the streets.

Mike Friedrich at Converse Photo Clash


BLO at Converse Photo Clash


Converse Photo Clash


You shouldn’t miss the next evenings, tonight and on Saturday. We will definitly be there and have a look what Sebastian Bagge and Julo Rolle of 44Flavours, Johannes Mundinger and Dome will make out of our photos. And for our folowers, we have a really special suprise that will be coming up the next days!



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