Converse Photo Clash! Streetartists are hacking YOUR photos!

Photo hacked by Streetartist Mike Friedrich for Converse Photo Clash Berlin

Converse Photo Clash

Where and When?
Converse will be hosting the Photo Clash event between
the 3rd and the 5th of April from 18:00-20:00
at Mein Haus Am See, Brunnenstr. 197/198 and the corner of Torstr. 125, 10119 Berlin – Mitte.

As part of the Sneakers Clash Campaign and after the success of the Clash Wall  that took place last week, Streetartists will be clashing colors in Berlin yet again in the Photo Clash event. Converse is popping up all over Europe to give their fans the opportunity to create their own personalized piece of colorful artwork and be part of a live exhibition.
Here you can check out the results and be inspired by the Photo Clash that took place last month in Amsterdam.

Photo hacked by Streetart Collective London Police for Converse Photo Clash Berlin

The photo submitters will get to challenge one of the twelve participating streetartists and see them transform a copy of their submitted photo into an original art work by injecting color to the photo using pens and brushes. Each participant will get to keep their personalized artwork afterwards, as well as receiving a digital version via twitter.
The participants are responsible for providing photos;
send them via twitter using the hashtag #clashmyphoto to @converse. You can also use the photo booth on site at the event spontaneously to take a photo or bring a photo along with you.

Line up:
Both International and local streetartists will take part in the event. Every day four different artists will take to the stage and transform photos using their unique skills and esthetics, among them are:

Mike FriedrichDXTR – The Weird, The London Police –  Chaz Barrison and Bob Gibson, Bene Rohlmann, BLOJohannes Mundinger, SADDO, 44 FlavoursJulio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge, DOME and Sera Yong

The Facebook Event can be found here!


Photo hacked by Streetartist Saddo for Converse Photo Clash Berlin







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