Converse Clash Wall Project in Berlin

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall ClashThe „Converse Clash Wall“ project is part of their Clash Sneakers movement – a series of artistic installations done in 16 different cities throughout Europe, The Middle East and Africa. The objective of this campaign and movement is to keep the Converse brand as one that comes from the streets, gives a splash of color to the grey of the city.

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall Clash

On the „Clash Wall“ project Converse collaborated with the Berlin based Streetartists Rylsee, Gogoplata and the Wurstbande collective.

Rylsee, originally from Switzerland and now based in Berlin, is obsessed with words and hand-painted type compositions.

Gogoplata, also a Berlin based Streetartist and illustrator is known for drawings inspired from comics.

Wurstbande, this collective was born and raised in Berlin. The collective is active in the fields of illustration, wall design and became known for producing artworks in abandoned buildings all over Berlin.

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall Clash

The artists were given a wall where they could paint a mural and they all worked in collaboration to create it.
A mural that is painted as advertising for a company is nothing new to Berlin. But the „Converse Clash „>Wall“ wasn’t your everyday advert party that got celebrated during the artists were painting a Mural. Because Streetart and Urbanart is a form of communication in the Urban environment, Converse turned the question of the design to its Twitter and Facebook followers and friends. The mural drew inspiration from text and image ideas all designed and sent to Converse by followers via social media who used the two hashtags #clashwall and #berlin to mark their submissions. The artists‘ challenge was to design all of those texts and images and to send them back to the submitters as a digital sketch. From all of those images a few were chosen to be painted on the wall and as an extra challenge, some images were chosen at random by the push of a button during the event: the ultimate way to test the artists’ creativity. 
The winners all received tickets to the main event, to the actual painting of the wall party and a pair of Converse sneakers.

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall Clash

„>I loved the idea that everybody can take part of that mural, the comunication, between the users and the artists and the fact that we had to work spontaniously because there wasn’t any time to prepare ourselves was a lot of fun and is something unique that has never been done before“, said Gogoplata afterwards.< „>The artists started work on the wall a few days before the event – tagging all text and image-senders by name or social media nickname – all were then covered with paint the day before as preparation to the actual mural.

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall Clash

„>Converse celebrated the event by hosting a daytime party while the artists were painting the wall. One of the coolest features was the Graffiti booth, operated by the British company “LUMA”. In the booth was a digital graffiti wall that allowed the participants to paint graffiti in an interactive way, using a sort of “remote control spray can”. The second feature was the option to design your own tote bag as a party gift, using characters and phrases designed by the artists in different ways, shapes, colors and sizes.

The finished mural can be seen in Torstraße 86, Mitte, Berlin.

Streetart Mural in Berlin of Converse Wall Clash

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