Circle – Streetart by Latzi

coGalleries presents the Israelian Street Artist Latzi and the resulting exhibition „Circle“ from the summer residency at coGalleries studio in Berlin.

Exhibition Opening on the 8 of JUNE, from 19-22h
Exhibition from 9 of June until 12 of June

For nearly a decade Latzi operates in the public sphere of Israel. The pieces can be found all over the country on walls, rooftops, fences, deserted and abandoned buildings – more than a hundred pieces that create unusual connections between stencil work and precise sketching.

Circle – a closed, strong shape, protective and suffocating. In social representation, the circle is the framework to which we belong. The „negative area“ is the hollow area within the circle, the territory that allows freedom of movement but is still imprisoning within its definition. In the exhibition, a number of works will be presented in which the artist continues to examine the individual person and the relationship with the surroundings.
The images reflect almost complete figures, missing one body part or another, that have hidden and indecipherable interactions between them.

The work of the artist deals with power relations between the individuals, the urban environment and questions of identity.

„My conscious choice to act in the public sphere does not stem from vandalism or from the desire to leave a mark forever,“ the artist says „On the contrary: it is an art that is intended to be available but temporary, and it is destined to absorb changes and disappear completely.

More info about the artist here:

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