Rabea Senftenberg

Cats, Groups and Robots – Solo Exhibition of Rabea Senftenberg at Factory Berlin

Cats, Groups And Robots – about the exhibition



The exhibits show only some pieces of the diversity of  the Berlin based street artist Rabea Senftenberg. The show is about to show what ever is on your mind – if you are sure that it is an UFO – it is one. If you think it is more like a saltshaker you are right, too. That´s why Rabea Senftenberg does not like to talk about her artworks – the society has so many rules that it is not necessary to have more while looking at the pieces. In the beginning there were robots – a lot of robots and now…see yourself….illusions of symmetry on two and a half dimension.

Enjoy the free hand illustrations as mirror of our time and as  you will find them on the streets.




RABEA SENFTENBERG – about the artist


„I was born in the 1860ies in a very old and forgotten part of Berlin, the Republic of Senftenbørg. This lovely place turned into a monarchy quite soon after my sixth birthday. Later I became the boss of this whole Queendom where I still live with three of my magic sloths. You see, it’s an ancient tribe and my name was given to me in order to keep the family tradition alive.“  – Rabea


Rabea_Senftenberg_factory_exhibition_streetartberlin- street_art_berlin_4


There is no reælity – until you mæke one. Rabea Senftenberg built her own universe. The Republic of Senftenbørg is a plæce, where little monsters took over the power and colours and 3D have served their time. She prefers playing on different surfaces like walls, wood, stones, brick, canvæs, elephants, cotton, skin or pæper. Rabea wørks on værious projects and ideas, preferably at the sæme time. Her wørk is inspired by this & thæt, club culture and party hedønism. Since 2010 she gives the Robot Army Berlin a visual ID. There are rumours, that she´s a fæmous german politician with migrætion bæckground but we think that´s just a hoax. And she loves sloths. And sugar glider.


All of Rabea Senftenbergs works will be on exhibit for the next three months at Factory Kitchen.


Rabea_Senftenberg_factory_exhibition_streetartberlin- street_art_berlin_6


Street Art Berlin – about the curator and how to buy an artwork


Street Art Berlin is a network for urban art, a platform  for street art and partner for reports, photos, commissions, projects, creative constulting, exhibitions…and more.


Street Art Berlin proudly presents a choise of local, national and international street artists and their amazing artworks at Factory Berlin, Rheinberger Str. 76, 10115 Berlin, daily from Monday from Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Of course all artpieces are FOR SALE.


Are you interested in one of the current show or you can not forget a piece of the previous one?

Just let us know and we will take care of handling, certificate, shipping and insurances until the art is at its new home.


for SALES and all other INQUIRIES:  hello@streetartbln.com


And here a little impression from the amazing vernissage on 2nd of March 2017 at Factory Kitchen:


Rabea_Senftenberg_factory_exhibition_streetartberlin- street_art_berlin_3


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