Two new Street Art Murals by "Herakut" and "Vidam & LOOK – The Weird" at "Cons Space Berlin 2013"

Two new murals popped out of the ground in Berlin Friedrichshain. The new pictures, one made by the Street Art duo "Herakut" and one painted by "Vidam - The Weird" (Vidam is also a part of Peachbeach) and "LOOK - The Weird" appeared quiet near to each other. But it didn't happend accidently, the reason for this is the Cons Space 2013 which is a magnet for skater and artist and will take place between the 13.10 and 16.10.13 at Alt Stralau 4, in 10245 Berlin - Friedrichshain. The latest news about the Cons Space 2013 Berlin can be found on, they helped curating the event and are on site. But now to the Street Art Murals: The first mural made by Street Art duo "Herakut" (composed of the names Hera and Akut) is called: "Monkey see. Monkey do.". It is part of the "Giant Story Book", that is going to be a childrens book. All characters in the book, like the monkey, will get introduced in form of the allready painted murals. The project has an own page on Facebook. Street Art Mural by Herakut at Con Space 2013 in Berlin Street Art Mural by Herakut at Con Space 2013 in Berlin The second mural is painted by the Street Artists "Vidam- The Weird" and "LOOK - The Weird" Mural by Berlin based Street Artist "Vidan - The Weird" at Cons Space 2013