This is a project a bit bigger then just a simple exhibition of different international artists curated by Makearte.

The mainly concept of Makearte it’s to bring original art (walls, canvas or paper) into urban clothing and apparel. We do screenprinting always limited edition series of clothes and paper. What’s better to be able to wear your favourites artists piece?
*Some of the works will be published as well in the
P U S H Standart Magazine #8 (Limited edition and handcrafted works in Berlin)

This will be for us the first project focused only in writing but the 3rd international project we did. In our exhibitions we do mix a original art, screenprint, audiovisual art and live music.

The production of the material will be done by Makearte, in a limited edition collecion of 20 posters and 50 t-shirts of one design from every artist.

The first exhibition will be openning on the 19th May in Berlin VOODOO55, a cultural and art center in the heart of Wedding.
At the first floor will be the mainly part of the exhibition with a strong Urban styl, with original pieces of Calligraffiti, the PUSH STANDART magazine release, Sketch corner, workshops, DJing & Scratching, and the Makearte POPUP shop.

On the celler will be the dark side of the exhibition. Here writers and audiovisual artist they will collaborate in different visual installations. For sure a lot of fun!

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