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OPENING: 4 MAY – 19h
AT Voodoo 55. Müllerstrasse 55. Berlin.

Caro Pepe and Age Age travel thousands of kilometers, knock on stranger’s doors, paint their walls, hug the no longer stranger and leave. They got crazy in Japan, passionate in Brasil, sick in Malasya (literally) and golden in Mexico.
In this ephemeral show, the pair comes together one more time to show a new series of painting and drawings together with a collection of images of their murals and experiences around the world.


Age Age is a Berlin based artist whose work is focused in the complexity of life.
Throughout the construction of an intricate machinery composed by several interconnected elements and symbols, he intends to change the point of view of the audience over a particular subject.
Age Age deconstructs reality to its bits and pieces, in order to re-construct it into a new image, a new set of threads and connections.
Influenced by the mysteries of nature, ancient civilisations and science fiction, his body of art is a steady metamorphosis of shapes and concepts, from small illustrations up to large murals.

Age Age

​Caro Pepe is an argentinian artist based in Berlin. She has travelled the world painting on the streets and exhibiting in several cities through out Europe, South America, USA and Asia.
Her body of art is an exploration of the inner world and the complex nature of emotions. Through her distinctive „one eyed“ women she underlines the concept of partiality: how and what an individual chooses to see defines his/her perception of reality.
Her delicate characters appear, most of the times, suspended in the absence of backgrounds and time, helping to portrait the depth of an emotion towards that constructed reality.

Her work is about intimacy, it’s a whispered ​truth.

Caro Pepe

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