BLO painted his first mural since years

What good news that the mural wall at Urban Spree is painted by BLO.

BLO, who was working with focus on his studio  during the last two years, just decided to get his abstract ideas to be presented on public places again and chose the famous wall in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

So it was a turn in his current progresses where he practiced  an acute sense of awareness in moving from an urban landscape to gallery spaces–not just a shift in medium, but one of context, audience and exposure.

To describe the art of BLO there are some helping hints which tell the story of becoming an influencing artist out of being a vandal:
BLO’s involvement with graffiti stems back to his past in Lyon, France, where initially, his work was driven by not only the raw necessity to paint, but also to vandalize or in a sense, destroy. He uses creativity as a device to question, invert or pervert aspects of daily life. There is a recognizable speed of the hand, looseness of line, as well as composition and materials (the frequent use of spray paint and ink marker) that directly draw from traditional graffiti.
BLO is still actively working in urban settings, but is moving away from letter styles and illustrative characters. His current street work has become more figurative, drawing from religious imagery, sex, death, and classical painting. Within the exploration of this subject matter another parallel to graffiti is conceptualized–the assertion of power by actively defacing or reappropriating common images. This difference in context between the street and in the studio does not divide the work, but creates a visual dependency – a mutual relationship that ultimately strengthens both parts of his practice.

The new mural at Urban Spree seems to be the beginning of upcoming art footprints of BLO´s development in the last years and hopefully a coming back in the public spaces!

See here two impressions of the work in progress and (of course) the finished mural artwork:

Detail of the artist painting his mural

Detail of the artist painting his mural


Finished mural of BLO at Urban Spree

Finished mural of BLO at Urban Spree

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