Between the lines: Oneliner exhibition by Berlin based Street Artist: "Mein Lieber Prost"


One Wall and only one chance: Mein Lieber Prost at work, doing a oneliner wall. Photo: Mein Lieber Prost


„One Life, One Can, One Chance, Oneliner“– The Berlin based Street Artist Mein Lieber Prost is doing his second solo show in Berlin – Friedrichshain this weekend.

The Urban Artist is famous and known for his smiling faces that are on almost every corner in the city of Berlin and give a sarcastic view on the society or his incredible adbustings.

But this time he won´t show his „Prosties“ or any adbusting or signbusting because oneliners are also a talent of Mein Lieber Prost that deserve an exhibition.

„Drawing oneliner is like living a Life… you just have one chance, you draw all in one line, you don’t erase, you regret nothing, you keep on moving, from the beginning until the end“, said Mein Lieber Prost to announce his show.

An oneliner, how the descriptions just says, is a picture drawn with only one line, made without any stop. This kind of art also represents a personal value of Mein Lieber Prost: He always goes on and never looks back.

Come and visit the show:

„Between the lines“- Oneliner Soloexhibition by Mein Lieber Prost

Address: Boxhagener Straße 33, 10245 Berlin

Time: 07:00 p.m. until open end



Oneliner for a girl, photo by Mein Lieber Prost



This is the official picture for his exhibition: Mein Lieber Prost shows the best of his oneliners, photo: Mein Lieber Prost

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  1. julie mathews

    Wow amazing artist very clever very smart very nice

  2. Ross

    I am using this artist as an reference for my students in the classroom for their continuous contour line drawings. Love this work and the quote

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