Berlins Art House Tacheles is closed down!

The 4th of September 2012, is the day where a legend called Art House „Tacheles“ fell in a deep sleep, for ever. The Art House was vacated at 8 o’clock in the morning. The Artists, dozens of supporters, reporters, the medias and photographers followed the vacation by the bailiff , which was accompanied by the police. Like announced, none of the Artists or supporters tried to resist. They gave up and didn’t wanted any conflicts with the police, that they see as an puppet of dead politics and a ruling capitalism. The former squatters putted all of the 170.000 signatures on the ground in front of the entrance to point out that the people who signed up for the preservation of the Art House Tacheles, got kicked with shoes by the Banks, investors, policemen and lawyers who had to walk over their signatures. For the most people it seemed like a big show. But today the spotlight went out, for ever.




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